Marketing and the Economy

Written by Monday February 25th 2008

We’re far from terrible times, but we can all admit business operations change when the economy is shifty. Historically, advertising/marketing budgets are the first to get cut in any industry in times of decline. This leaves you with an opportunity.... View Article

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Talking Oscars

Written by Wednesday February 13th 2008

I’m making it a point to see all of the best picture nominees before the Oscars on Feb. 24. Surprisingly, it will be the first time, ever. Why? I have no excuse. What I can say is that I’m delighted... View Article

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Written by Tuesday February 12th 2008

I’ve noticed a trend in 75% of the musicians and bands I’ve talked to regarding their ideas behind the recording process. I guess there’s no “proper” technique or overarching superlative that will apply across the spectrum of different bands, sounds,... View Article

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