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Innovate or Die T-Shirt Collaboration

Written by Wednesday July 16th 2014

Brolik and Duke & Winston worked together to create a shirt that expresses the creative, do-or-die mentality that represents the two companies and many other emerging companies in Philly.

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Examples of Innovation In Design

Written by Wednesday April 30th 2014

The design industry is highly saturated these days, thus increasing the level of quality necessary to be truly innovative. I've compiled some noteworthy work from various mediums of design to highlight the innovation that still exists in such a crowded market.

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Good Design Sells

Written by Tuesday June 12th 2012

There is no doubt that a well designed world is a better world to live in. Our daily interactions are all made more enjoyable by the appeal of the aesthetic surrounding them. If aesthetic is so alluring, why shouldn't this be considered a crucial component to the success of a business?

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How Many Design Options Will You Show Me?

Written by Monday November 14th 2011

There is always one "correct answer" to any design problem. Instead of asking your designer for multiple design options, help your designer give you what you want through upfront discovery and iteration of a single design.

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The Web Is Not Print

Written by Tuesday August 23rd 2011

The web is finally starting to take shape as its own medium. As designers, coders and users, we all need to embrace it as such, and we need stop placing print design constraints on web design and stop judging web design in print design terms.

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E-Ink to Revolutionize the Print World

Written by Wednesday October 22nd 2008

Woodblock printing, the letterpress, and the computer all revolutionized the print design world in their respective time periods. Now in the year 2008, the new technology electronic ink will once again revolutionize the field. Esquire Magazine released its 75th anniversary... View Article

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