(Huge thanks to Expressway for the video!)


Jeff Pennington is the Senior Director of Translational Informatics at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Jeff and his associates work in the Department of Biomedical and Health Informatics, a 60 person entrepreneurial tech organization within CHOP whose goal is to impact child health using technology.

Jeff’s goal for this presentation was to demystify CHOP as an institution by talking through some of the groundbreaking ways in which data is being used to impact children’s health, including:

  • The intersection of healthcare data and genomic data
  • Using social media to understand the adverse side effects that occur because of certain prescription drugs
  • Predictive diagnosis of chronic illnesses in children

Key Takeaways

  • While healthcare is finally in the digital age, the way healthcare is managed and collected digitally is still evolving rapidly.
  • The digitization of healthcare through the adoption of electronic health records, plus explosion in volume in biomedical data generated in the course of research, means biomedicine is extremely data intensive.


How CHOP is using data

  • Building large integrated datasets, and extracting info to make predictions and then translating predictions into the clinic.
  • Using social media to understand the adverse/side effects that occur because of certain prescription drugs.
  • Predictive Diagnosis - Figuring out how to detect "frequent flyers," children that show up on a repeated basis due to chronic asthma.


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