Trapezium's New Logo

From Monster Math Club To Trapezium

Angela McIver wasn’t satisfied with the math being taught to her children, so she started supplementing with fun lessons at night around the dinner table.

Soon, the neighbors were stopping by and parents from the local school were dropping off their kids at the McIver house. Within months, Angela was running a thriving after-school program out of her home with seasonal sessions that came with a waiting list.

Realizing the potential for her budding business, Angela came to Brolik in 2012 looking for an agency that could help capture her mission and develop a marketing strategy for her after-school program.


Brolik set out to relaunch Monster Math Club under a new guise - something that could serve as the hub of all of her math programs as well as future educational products.

Old Logo

Monster Math Club logo

After a thorough creative and collaborative process, we found the new name:


And we moved into logo design.

Initial Trapezium Logo Brainstorm


The Branding Process

After an initial brainstorming session, we filtered down to a few promising logo concepts. We wanted to pay homage to Monster Math Club with the green and blue color scheme, while also incorporating the other two brand colors, yellow and orange, into some of the logo options.

We decided to incorporate the trapezoid shape, based upon the name and client feedback. We considered a variety of different color schemes and font choices to give us some strong options for directions to take the brand.

Design Round A

Trapezium Design A

Design Round B

After careful consideration and collaboration with the client we decided to pursue a combination of the first two options from Design A, which resulted in this direction.

Trapezium Design B

“It spoke to me. I saw it on the page and there was no hesitation.”

Angela McIver
CEO at Trapezium Math Club

Trapezium's New Logo

For the final logo, we decided to incorporate a slight gradient into the colors to create a sense of movement within the mark. The clean typography and bright colors were exactly what Angela was looking for.

Trapezium's Responsive Website

Web Design

To accompany the new brand, we created a new website. We focused on conveying the fun atmosphere and educating parents about the curriculum. We wanted to keep a clean and professional layout to make the content easy to digest, but we infused the site with bright colors and photography of the students having fun to add a human element.

Visit the Website


The Trapezium Homepage

Trapezium Math Club Page

Trapezium About Page


Great websites are built on strong foundations. Our process begins with basic building blocks like a sitemap and wireframes. From there, we design important pages or page elements and create a thorough design and UI system to guide the entire site build. We then iterate on the design and content with real, working code in the browser. This process encourages informed, goal-based content and hierarchy decisions throughout the entire process.

Home, About and Math Club Wireframes

Trapezium Wireframes

UI Kit

The UI Kit showcases distinct elements of the user interface and sets guidelines for the entire design system. It features important elements such as the typography, buttons, navigation and text inputs.

Trapezium UI Kit

Trapezium on a Tablet


We had two main user paths and three main goals for the Trapezium website.

Users: Parents of Students, Teachers

  1. Explain the concept and selling points of Trapezium with clear paths to learn more about the curriculum and class schedule.
  2. Allow parents to easily sign up for a class online.
  3. Allow teachers to easily sign up for teacher training.

Everything else was supplemental to these three goals. The homepage was organized with this in mind, creating two clear paths to the Math Club and Teacher Training.

Trapezium’s model is to take the monotony of math class and create a fun, competitive atmosphere for students to enjoy, and most importantly, to learn in. It’s not a tutoring program. Trapezium is proving that great strides can be taken if learning math is embraced and children can find enjoyment in what they are doing. To carry the idea of fun into the website, we used imagery focused around the students and came up with the tagline “Making Math Fun.” We took advantage of the bright colors from the brand.

The Result

A clean, easy-to-navigate site that reflects the fun environment of Trapezium. The site focuses on making it easy for parents and teachers to find more information as well as sign up for classes or training.

Digital Marketing

Trapezium was poised for success with a new name, a fresh brand and a refreshed web presence. It was time to tell the world, but with a limited advertising budget, we had to be sure we told the right people.

With that in mind, Brolik went to work. We performed a target audience analysis and developed a 6 month marketing campaign in conjunction with the launch of the website.

Target Audience

Trapezium Math Club runs out of a brick and mortar location in Philadelphia, so we wanted to make sure we only targeted people who could easily drop their kids off.

We also knew Trapezium Math Club was a premium after school program, not an inexpensive babysitting service. The target audience needed to have a high enough income level to afford the program.

We analyzed all Philadelphia neighborhoods within a 5 mile radius of a club location and limited our campaigns to areas with median incomes in excess of $75,000.

Trapezium Target Audience Median Income

Social Media Campaigns

With a firm understanding of the target audience and a strategy in place, Brolik launched the marketing campaign. We rolled out a series of seasonal social advertising campaigns during non-enrollment periods in order to drive awareness for Trapezium Math Club, targeting the prime audience within a few miles of Trapezium’s location. The campaigns needed to engage the audience, while providing a teaser to spark ongoing interest in the brand.

Brolik developed a Math Problem Monday campaign that presented brain-teasing math problems on Trapezium’s social pages. This drove lots of brand engagement on Facebook and referral traffic to the website.

Math Monday Facebook Posts

We developed a Math Problem Monday campaign that presented brain-teasing math problems on Trapezium’s social pages. This drove lots of brand engagement on Facebook and referral traffic to the website.

The Enrollment Push

When enrollment time came, we turned up the heat on our advertising, activating search ads, retargeted ads, email campaigns and conversion-focused Facebook ads.

Trapezium Enrollment Campaign
Trapezium Brochure

In a final push before enrollment closed, we designed bright, fun brochures to be distributed through area schools to classes of the appropriate age groups. To calculate the success of the brochures, we added tracking phone numbers so we could know each time a parent called after seeing the brochure.

Video Production

To further introduce the brand and mission, Brolik produced a promo video for Trapezium. The video highlights the excitement and progress that kids feel and introduces Angela as a leader in math advancement and curriculum design.

Click to Play

Educational Videos

Brolik also produced a series of counting videos that are used as tools for teachers looking to expand counting skills within the classroom.

Counting Fruit

Click to Play

Counting Balls

Click to Play

Counting Cars

Click to Play

Counting Animals

Click to Play

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