World Travel, Inc.

World Travel Re-invents Their Web Presence and Customer Portal

For a growth-minded company like World Travel, the status quo is not acceptable. The company takes pride in consistent innovation and leading with their own technology.

With this in mind, World Travel partnered with Brolik to deliver on that promise to their corporate customers.

World Travel's Responsive Website

Web Design

The goal with the corporate website was to design a unique and professional experience. While it wasn’t a complete re-brand, the consensus was that a major facelift was necessary.

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World Travel Website Sitemap

After collaborating on the sitemap and wireframes, we delivered the visual design and UI kit. We were feeling confident that we had found the right solution, but the presentation didn’t go exactly as planned.

Visual Design of the Homepage & User Interface Kit

World Travel Website Visual Design

World Travel Website UI Kit

The Problem

World Travel’s general feeling was that while the design looked good, it wasn’t what they were looking for.

They requested a more radical approach– something completely new and fresh and not at all reminiscent of their past website. We went back to the drawing board and showed them “radically different.”

Visual Redesign of the Homepage

World Travel Homepage Redesign

New Menu System

World Travel Menu Redesign

Nope, that was too far

After seeing the second version of the design, it was apparent that too much of the World Travel brand and style was getting lost, so we added back some elements of the original design.

When we moved to development, we focused on creating a unique interactive experience to accomplish the out-of-the-box approach that World Travel was looking for. We incorporated motion and a video on the homepage to create an impressive experience that was still true to the World Travel brand.

The Result

World Travel Homepage on a tablet

It wasn’t a direct route, but the final product was a success. We found a happy medium, balancing desire for change with brand integrity. We captured World Travel’s voice and introduced a responsive, interactive website that reflected their experience, credibility and commitment to technology.

World Travel's WorldPortals


(Web-based Customer Portal)

World Travel also asked us to re-imagine their customer web portal, making it more modern, accessible and user friendly. The portals are a central repository for their clients to book travel and have instant access to itineraries, travel resources and corporate travel contact information.

World Travel was spending too many hours a month managing client information and making manual updates to each account through the portal. The goal of the redesigned portal was a more user friendly experience for their clients and a smarter and more consolidated system for their administrators.

The Final Product: An Advanced Web Portal System.

Click to Play

We developed a fully customizable and scalable web portal where changes could be made globally across all accounts, saving many hours a month of administrative time.

WorldPortal on mobile

Going forward, the new portal system allows World Travel to create and customize branded portals for each of their clients with completely separate information and tools customized by user type. All of the branded client portals are managed entirely through Leverage CMS, giving more control than ever to the World Travel team.

UI Kits

World Travel User Interface Kits

“With Brolik, customer service is not a thing of the past, and true innovation isn’t relegated to the future. Working on this project, we benefited from hands-on, real-time interaction with a team that is truly consultative.”

Chesley Turner
Marketing and Communications Manager at World Travel

WorldPortal on a tablet

Website or Application? Why not both?

The WorldPortal system is responsive and built as a Single Page Application, which means it can be accessed from any device, and it feels like a native app, even though it’s run in a web browser.

World Travel is staying true to their mission. They are leading with technology and making corporate travel easier for their clients, while creating more efficient processes and tool for themselves.

The WorldPortals have 200,000+ active users accessing the portals from 70+ countries

“The best part about finishing this project has been sharing the WorldPortals with global clients and colleagues and hearing the amazing feedback. We’ve delivered an intuitive new travel tool that we are truly proud to offer. I take that back--The best part about finishing this project has been getting ready for our next venture with Brolik.”

Chesley Turner
Marketing and Communications Manager at World Travel

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