React Physical Therapy

Taking React Physical Therapy National With A New Web Presence and Marketing Strategy

The Reavy Method of physical therapy, invented by David Reavy (founder of React Physical Therapy), brings patients more balance and strength than they had prior to injury. It is endorsed by professional athletes like Matt Forte, Dwyane Wade, Alshon Jeffery, Gilbert Arenas and Tracy McGrady.

While professional athletes are common customers, React is in the business of inspiring all types of athletes to perform at their optimal potential, no matter their skill level. David Reavy and his team at React Physical Therapy saw an opportunity to expand the brand nationally and hired Brolik as their digital marketing agency to help them get there.

Our Goal

Develop a website and marketing strategy to help reach and inspire the next generation of athletes and therapy patients, based on their needs and physical acumen.

React Physical Therapy's Responsive Website

Web Design

We set out to design a fluid, high performing website that would capture the React brand and David Reavy’s unique physical therapy methodology. The site needed to convey energy, confidence and credibility, much like React’s physical location.

Visit the Website

React Physical Therapy Chicago Office

Web Design Process

Our web design process begins with a sitemap and wireframes. We consider the client’s goals and the needs of the end user when building this foundation, and in React’s case, their users were a diverse mix.

React Physical Therapy Wireframes

Content Planning

Customer and content segmentation was integral to the success of the website. We made sure to define and clarify React’s service areas to convey value to the various segments of the target audience and speak directly to different groups of potential customers.


React Physical Therapy Sitemap

UI Kit

We presented a UI kit to showcase the important elements of the user interface, like typography, buttons, menus and forms, setting foundational guidelines for the website design system.

React Physical Therapy at Mobile Phone Size

Design and Development

Our design and development process begins with a visual design presentation where we establish the design system and mock up top level pages. We follow visual design with an evolving development environment where clients have the opportunity to deliver revisions at organized milestones along the way. The final product is tested for performance and browser compatibility and provides a fluid responsive experience for visitors.

React Physical Therapy at Tablet Size

“Brolik delivered a beautiful, responsive website that was built with the end user in mind. Their thoughtful approach to client interaction on our site raised our game and positioned us for further growth.”

Eun Jung Decker
CMO, React Physical Therapy

React Physical Therapy at Desktop Size

Digital Marketing

With the new website launched, we turned our attention to driving new customers through our digital marketing efforts. Based on React’s proven ability to convert first time visits into long term customers, we focused our marketing strategy around driving first time visits to a React location.


React Physical Therapy Conversion Funnel

Step 1: Driving Brand Awareness in the Chicago Area

We wanted to promote the React brand as proactive “performance therapy for serious athletes,” not just traditional, reactive physical therapy. To that end, we developed athlete-focused motivational messaging and used tight targeting focused on specific interests like fitness and outdoor activities to run social and search ad campaigns in the Chicago area.

React Physical Therapy Social Posts

React Physical Therapy began to see increased organic reach and social engagement with their athlete-focused social content and posts.

Step 2: Creating A Fan Base and Bringing People Closer To The Brand

As a next step, we organized stories showing David as a trusted thought leader through his relationships with major athletes like Matt Forte, Joakim Noah, and Gilbert Arenas. This gave credibility to the Reavy Method and motivated potential customers to choose React over other physical therapy options in the Chicago area.

React Physical Therapy and David Reavy

David Reavy Signature

The Publishing Deal

Sometimes goals shift in an instant, and you need to be able to adapt. This was the case when a publishing deal was suddenly on the table for David Reavy, React’s founder.

We needed to build David’s fan base quickly before the launch of the book, which meant changing gears and pivoting our efforts in a new direction.

Over three months, we increased David’s personal Facebook following from 300 to 10,000 likes, and in the process, gave React a captive audience interested in expert health and fitness advice.

React Physical Therapy Facebook Likes

With Brolik’s help, React Physical Therapy is not only positioned as a leading physical therapy provider in the Chicago area, but their brand and online presence are set to increase their national footprint.

“The team at Brolik is passionate and professional. They are a rare find in the churn and burn world of digital marketing.”

Eun Jung Decker
CMO, React Physical Therapy

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