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Veterinarian Recommended Solutions (VRS) came to Brolik on the cusp of a digital transformation. VRS provides veterinary hospitals a way to make extra money through subscription-based products, and they wanted to manage their clients and business through an online portal.

VRS engaged Brolik to plan, design, develop and launch a web-based ecommerce portal along with a mobile app for iOS and Android to make their vision a reality.

Veterinarian Recommended Solutions

The Goal

Streamline the customer experience for veterinary hospital clients by providing product education, easy ordering and valuable reporting all through one easy-to-use application.

Veterinarian Recommended Solutions on different devices

Web Application

VRS’s vision was a responsive web-based portal that would bring them closer to their clients, facilitate wholesale ecommerce, and provide educational content and financial incentive to recommend VRS’s products to pet owners.

VRS’s Sitemap

VRS Sitemap


At the core of the VRS web application was the ecommerce functionality which would allow veterinarians and hospitals to order wholesale or set up products to auto-ship.


To complement the ecommerce functionality, we also developed a robust educational section to teach VRS’s clients about the benefits of their products and incentivize them to watch product videos to increase product awareness and brand advocacy.


We built a reporting section so Veterinarians and Hospital owners could track client compliance, product consult forms, and active auto refills to see how well they were performing as a VRS partner.


The programs section was a late addition that added even more value to the VRS web application by allowing hospitals to sign up for VRS programs such as early access to new products. This allowed VRS to use the application as a closed testing platform for new products and ideas.

Veterinarian Recommended Solutions on an iPhone

Agile Development Approach

Brolik provided technical consulting and supported VRS in prioritizing features to schedule the roll out of both the web application and the native mobile app, using an agile development approach.

We had weekly check ins to discuss the progress we were making, as well as to gather feedback, and prioritize future features in order to deliver the best product for VRS.

“Brolik’s flexible approach and continuous drive towards hitting the goals of our project made working with them seamless for both our technical and marketing teams.”

David Krieg
VP Sales & Marketing



For the web application to be a success, veterinarians would need to understand the benefits of the VRS products. Therefore, it was imperative that we create a strong educational platform and then incentivize the veterinarians to actually watch the product videos.

Veterinarian Recommended Solutions on an iPad

To judge engagement, we tracked views associated with specific veterinarian accounts and viewing duration to make sure users weren’t skipping the important content.

VRS Video Views

Cue a new video function in a custom build of Leverage where we built a new system to track engagement and views. The video functionality is important for VRS’s business plan, which means that it was important to the web application and important for us to come up with a clever solution.



Tracking certain datasets was crucial for hospitals to measure and analyze the performance of their veterinarians, portal, and their relationship with VRS.


We integrated with Netsuite ERP, VRS’s Customer Relationship Management platform, to pull important customer data and then display them in custom svg-based responsive charts and graphs.

The financial reports allow for 24/7 access to purchase and billing information of their customers in order to track lifetime revenue and refills per customer. In addition, it allows for personnel reporting for tracking performance on the individual veterinarian level.

Veterinarian Recommended Solutions on a laptop

Apple App Store and Google Play Store

The Mobile App

Brolik used a phased approach for the VRS native mobile app, first building a prototype, then coordinating a full development phase that culminated in the launch of the app in the iOS and Google Play app stores.

VRS Mobile App

The Result

The Brolik team took our concept and turned it into a full-fledged working portal and mobile app that are now successfully being used by thousands of our partners.

David Krieg
VP Sales & Marketing

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