Aron Cohen

Project Manager


As the Project Manager for Brolik’s web team, Aron is responsible for keeping our projects running smoothly, making sure that our team is supported in their work, and communicating with clients to ensure that their goals and expectations are being met, or even better, exceeded. Aron enjoys bringing people together, and relies on his interpersonal skills to foster a collaborative environment.

As a generalist, Aron pulls from his diverse work experience — spanning design, operations, and tech — to contribute to our clients’ success. Prior to joining the Brolik team, Aron worked in devops for a cybersecurity firm, as a designer for various AEC firms, as a professor/lecturer in Architecture, City Planning and Urban Design, and in senior operations roles in various hospitality groups in Philadelphia. His previous experiences have given him the opportunity to work on complex projects from start to finish with varied sets of stakeholders. It has also given him the ability to teach, to write, and to develop his soft skills.

Aron has always been interested in technology. In high school, he worked at IBM Research and co-authored papers regarding data visualization. After high school, he went to Brandeis University for his undergraduate degree, with a dual-concentration in Sociology and Philosophy. He minored in Internet Studies, a program that combined the technical aspects of computer science and the rigor of social sciences to understand how the internet would change society over the coming decades. It had a big impact on young Aron, and birthed a passion for data privacy that continues to this day.

In addition, Aron has two graduate degrees from the University of Pennsylvania — a master’s in city planning and a master’s in landscape architecture. His focus was working in the public realm in areas of conflict in the Global South and former Soviet Bloc.

On the evenings and weekends, Aron is typically off hiking in the woods, playing video games (he has a particular soft spot for Star Trek Online), or cooking (his red sauce Italian dishes will knock your socks off — don’t doubt a boy from the tri-state area). There are two things that he will never, ever part with: his coffee and his city, Philadelphia.

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