Bryce Liggins

Director of Marketing Strategy


Bryce is the Director of Marketing Strategy at Brolik, using his diverse background in marketing and finance to develop marketing campaigns that are both human and data driven. Bryce is the fearless leader of Brolik’s digital marketing team, overseeing client accounts and supporting some of the more technical aspects of our campaigns.

Bryce has been published in numerous industry publications, including Social Media Today and the CommPro marketing blog, following his passion of demystifying technical digital marketing by breaking it down into terms that anyone can understand. In his 6 year tenure at Brolik he has managed client campaigns in a wide variety of industries ranging from medical to manufacturing.

Bryce has a degree in marketing and accounting from Bloomsburg University, but finds it more fun to apply his finance and data skills to marketing than the other way around. He is also an avid home-brewer, and is working on building an Arduino into his kegerator as we speak.

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