Elle Savage

Marketing Strategist


Elle is a Marketing Strategist here at Brolik, responsible for creating marketing strategies for her clients and overseeing (and pitching in on) the execution of those strategies. From creating content, managing social media campaigns, evaluating and analyzing metrics, and spotting opportunities for growth across all channels, Elle can do it all.

She approaches marketing with empathy, working to gain a deep understanding of client needs, priorities, and business strategy, and then uses that knowledge to solve the puzzle of marketing strategy. Working in marketing gives her the constant opportunity to exercise both the analytical and creative sides of her brain, which is both a win for Elle and for her clients.

Prior to coming to work at Brolik, Elle consulted with SAP as a program manager, working closely with global customer marketing and strategic partner marketing teams on global, company-wide initiatives, giving her a wealth of experience with big picture marketing strategy. As a consultant, client satisfaction was a priority, pushing her to exceed expectations with every deliverable and interaction, which serves her well in her role at Brolik. A Drexel University grad, Elle majored in Marketing and Technology Innovation Management with a minor in Interactive Digital Media.

In her free time, Elle loves to make things, and especially loves to spend time on graphic design, painting, and drawing. She is a restaurant addict with her own “foodstagram,” and she has a deep love of cheese and the Wissahickon hiking trails.

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