Kierston Anderson

Marketing Strategist


Kierston is a marketing strategist at Brolik, where she brings her background in business communication, media relations and social community management into Brolik’s integrated marketing strategies. She is also the woman-behind-the-curtain for Brolik’s social and media outlet presences, guiding many of our brand and content promotion efforts.

Kierston is instrumental in Brolik’s strategy for bringing traditional media relations and corporate communication practices into the digital age, and is a staunch advocate for incorporating consistent brand messaging and positioning into all aspects of the brand’s presence. She sees PR at a crossroads, and is passionate about helping traditional media transition into the era of social sharing and online media.

Kierston received a Public Relations degree from Penn State University, before accepting roles at several Philadelphia PR firms. These positions gave her the background in media relations, writing and social media management that formed a perfect ramp into the holistic digital marketing strategies she develops at Brolik. When she isn’t writing or pitching the next big article for her clients, you can probably find her checking out that new restaurant on the corner in Fishtown, or sipping on a crisp Pinot Grigio and watching the worst (best) reality show you can think of.

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