Matt Sommer



Matthew is a partner and Chief Strategy Officer at Brolik. As CSO, he manages the digital marketing team, helping our roster of clients achieve their online marketing goals. Matt also steers much of the operational and financial strategy at Brolik, working to ensure that the whole team has the resources and tools needed to grow and flourish.

Matt is a published author and expert, having shared his knowledge in articles for Forbes, Huffington Post, Pr Daily and many other publications both online and off. He is passionate about spreading the gospel of good, positive marketing and showing how it is different from the invasive, annoying white-noise we’ve all grown used to.

Matt has a Music Industry degree from Drexel University. While his professional life has focused mostly on technology and entrepreneurship, he does apply his scoring, mixing and engineering talent to Brolik’s film and video projects when he can. He is also a partner at a small Germantown-based recording studio called Sleepless Sound Studio.

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