9 Tips For Ecommerce Startups

By Thursday June 30th, 2011

A simple checklist for ecommerce startups as they prepare to launch.

Producing goods, developing an ecommerce website and marketing your product(s) can be an expensive and intimidating process. For those of you retailers looking to move your business online or for start-ups contemplating going into business, I’ve provided a simple checklist to consider when preparing for launch.

1. Create a memorable brand identity and a strong voice to go with it (sorry all you product-centric folks out there, you’re generic without it).

2. Create a Facebook fan page and experiment with Facebook ad campaigns. You might be surprised at how quickly your following will grow. Just make sure you’re staying active with quality content, offers, and conversations. Each Facebook fan is valuable.

3. Get your product in the hands of people who want you to succeed and will talk to everyone they know, even if they don’t pay you a cent.

4. Find someone willing to write about you, then give them a reason to. Warby Parker got their start this way.

5. Make product returns as easy for your customers as possible to eliminate risk for the customer. Piperlime does this really well, and so does Gilt.

6. Go beyond the “browse and buy” mentality and integrate social tools to allow your customers to ask their friends’ opinions, share their purchases, and “like” your brand. Reward them for doing it, too.

7. Keep your website and customer experience slick, simple and extremely usable.

8. Pay attention to analytics. Focus on improving every page/click and converting every visitor.

9. Focus on CRM integration as early on as possible to organize customer accounts, email subscribers, purchase history and analytics from one central location. A few years from now you’ll be very happy you did.

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