Brolik Predictions for 2013

By Friday December 21st, 2012

As 2012 comes to an end, it seems like a good time to toss around some ideas for what 2013 will hold. Here is one prediction from each of us here at Brolik.

As 2012 comes to an end, it seems like a good time to toss around some ideas for what 2013 will hold. Here is one prediction each from a few of us here at Brolik. We’ll check back in a year to see how we did… Enjoy!

I expect a general upswing in business in 2013. While business owners and marketing budgets won’t see a significant impact right away, the confidence and readiness to invest in the next four years will come into play. Besides, what are we all waiting for? The 2nd half of 2012 suffered from the unknown- people were sitting and waiting out the presidential race to see what shift might come about, but whatever initiatives were on the back burner in Q3 & Q4 2012 will come into play early in the new year.
Jason Brewer, CEO

Websites will need to evolve even faster. This means more content updates, more new features, and faster bug fixes. It also means that data and analytics become even more important so we know what features to add or where our users are getting stuck. The bar is being set by sites like Facebook, where new code is pushed live twice a day, every day!
Drew Thomas, CCO

In the new year, look to the search engine landscape becoming less “Google-centric.” I expect to see ideas like “social search” and “voice search,” among others, leaving an opening for other companies whose strengths will add some variation to the search landscape. Don’t be too surprised when names like Twitter, Facebook and Siri show up in analytics as search traffic instead of just referring sites. Each of these services are already seeing millions of searches within their platform, and it’s only a matter of time before the meaning of “search engine” becomes a bit more grey.
Matt Sommer, COO

The Internet will continue to spread into technology of all shapes and sizes. Your television, car, thermostat, and refrigerator will all begin to have Internet capabilities. You’ll browse Facebook on your TV during commercial breaks. Your car will alert you when you receive a new email. You’ll control your thermostat with your smartphone, and it will track your habits and run more efficiently. Your refrigerator will even tell you when the Milk has gone bad.
Alex Caldwell, Art Director

2013 will see businesses placing a much greater emphasis on creating a quality content strategy. Time and resources will be set aside to focus on marketing that content through strategically chosen channels– all in an effort to become more personable and accessible.
Jason Monte, Account Excecutive

The industry of media buying will join the 21st century. Media buying will become a web based, digital experience. Advertisers will be granted a wide array of targeting abilities based on content, viewers interests, location, etc. Rather than station and network account execs wining and dining media buyers for allegiance, advertisers will bid on media time through a real time, auction based network.
Bryce Liggins, Marketing Associate

The eCommerce experience will become predominantly visual and basically rely on images set in a grid for consumer browsing. I touched upon this a bit in a blog post. Basically the influence that Pinterest has had on eCommerce is becoming more and more obvious. I think this trend will continue into 2013.
Hannah Volz, Designer

Apple will crash.
Kyle Jasso, Developer

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