Call Tracking and How it Can Save Your Business

Call Tracking and How it Can Save Your Business

By Tuesday February 3rd, 2015

Call tracking and recording allows for the connection of various online marketing initiatives with clients' sales providing a clear direction for making campaign improvements.

Starting work with a new client is always very exciting. Relationships are developed, ad click through rate is increased, social followings begin to grow and the client sees the impact in website traffic.

After a few months of optimization, you start to see real success! You’re driving more leads, and the leads seem to be of good quality. But wait… your client isn’t seeing the same results. Where’s the disconnect?

We’ve run into this scenario. It can be frustrating. You sit in disbelief, you feel helpless. What more can you do? You’re driving leads, doing everything in your power to help generate business for your client. It’s a challenging spot to be in, but there is a way to analyze the lead funnel and lead nurturing process without sitting in the room listening to client sales reps all day long.

The solution is the implementation of CallRail, a call tracking platform. We use CallRail for recording incoming calls and tracking both the source of those calls and the way the calls are handled.

Through call tracking and recording, we connect online marketing initiatives with actual sales.

Through call tracking and recording, we are able to start connecting our various online marketing initiatives with actual sales. We are able to listen in on phone conversations for quality control and start improving processes company wide. Through the process, we have also encountered some added benefits that allow us to make more strategic campaign improvements.

Here are some of the benefits of CallRail that we’ve experienced with our clients.

Track and Attribute New Business

Identifying the lead source and lead volume was our primary reason for beginning call tracking. With a clear picture of where new business is coming from, our clients can easily identify the quality work we are doing for them. In addition, we are able to see exactly which ad, social post or search engine keyword is driving the best leads, providing us with the insight to improve campaigns based on the revenue they generate.

This benefit has led to two of the biggest contracts Summit Steel secured last year and it has been a leading contributor to our ability to increase Rehab Financial’s business 109% since 2012.

Staff Improvement

Mistakes are excellent learning opportunities. Unfortunately, when people are engaged in phone conversations, they don’t realize the fumbles that take place and supervisors may struggle to pinpoint the problems. Without call recording, the marketing agency can get blamed for poor performance when the issues are actually internal for the client.

If properly approached, agencies can use the call recordings to improve the skills of personnel that answer the phone and, when absolutely necessary, the recordings can point out instances where it’s time to let poor performing staff go.

The result is not only proof of the marketing success taking place, but it could actually affect the longevity of your client’s business.

Maybe It’s a Sign to Adjust a Service Offering

Speaking directly with customers is one of the best things that business decision makers can do. However, these people are often too busy to take the time out for individual customer conversations.

The next best option is to listen to customers. The recording feature of CallRail provides this opportunity.

With the call recordings, decision makers can listen to customers’ suggestions and concerns, which can uncover the need for service offering changes or new services all together.

New Lexicon

Discovering new lexicon and pinpointing successful terms is one of the most important responsibilities for search engine marketing and search engine optimization.

This becomes a challenge when the source of information is coming from an informed source, such as the business owner. Business owners know their products and services better than anyone else, and therefore, they speak about their products or services in a unique way.

As potential customers are searching for a product or service, they go through an education process where their lexicon evolves and becomes more accurate. Beyond keyword research, the best way to gather accurate customer lexicon is to go to the source. The customer. The call recordings from CallRail are an excellent source for this information.

Not only can the recordings steer the lexicon for a client, but it can also make sure that the targeted keywords remain relevant. As time passes, people change the way they talk and therefore change the way they search. If the keyword strategy doesn’t stay current with new customers, new customers will eventually stop coming from search engines.

Reduce Call Center Costs

Call centers can be very expensive for a business, and the value added is very hard to pinpoint. Therefore, businesses are typically eager to reduce their cost.

This can be accomplished by providing the information that customers are looking for in a more accessible format, like an FAQ on the website. Similar to the lexicon challenge, business owners can provide many frequently asked questions to the marketing agency, but they do not think the same way as their customers.

The best way to understand what questions are asked frequently is to listen to the customers asking them. As frequent questions are identified and added to the website, call volume decreases over time. Customers are happier because they find the information they are looking for and the business owner is happier because marketing efforts are going beyond marketing and actually making improvements in company processes.

Key Takeaway

At the end of the day, active and engaged communication are the best ways for clients to understand the various marketing initiatives that are running and which ones are driving leads. However, CallRail is an excellent source for filling in any of the holes in information. Plus, with all the secondary benefits, why not include it in your reporting and optimization tool set.

Who knows, it could even save your client’s business.

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