Four Questions Before Your Website Redesign

By Thursday July 15th, 2010

Four questions before your website redesign: Are you engaging? Do visitors know what you do? Do you have a personality? Are you guiding your customers?

1. Are you engaging your audience?

If your website is simply informational, your customers may be learning about you, but they aren’t interacting with your brand. Use video, blog content, a survey, a contest, or “please-touch” features to keep them interested. The extra minute they stay on your website is valuable and could be the difference between you and a competitor.

2. Can a visitor answer the question, “What does this company do?” in the first 20 seconds of their visit without clicking into secondary pages for explanation?

If not, you should probably think some more about your home page copy and design.

3. Are you showing your personality?

Customers want to see your quirks and learn about your team and their backgrounds. Give your audience a chance to learn about the people behind your company, whether it’s through a company blog, bios or photos, or all three. Give your key team members a voice and customers will be more trusting (especially if you’re in a service industry).

4. Are you giving your audience too many options?

It’s probably not a good thing. Customers come to you for guidance, so help them on their way: Create good paths for navigation, call out important elements you don’t want them to miss and let them tell you what they want from the moment they land on your site. There’s nothing worse than a website with too many options, none of which seem to be what you are looking for.

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