iPad Improving Corporate Sales, Video Market

By Friday August 6th, 2010

The iPad is not just a reader or a consumer product. It just might be the perfect tool for corporate sales.

Since its launch on April 3, 2010, Apple has sold over 3.2 million iPads. We’re used to Apple’s success in launching new products, but it has the fastest adoption rate of any Apple product to date. This makes you wonder what people are using it for.  With the 9.7” screen it trumps the iPhone for web browsing, reading, gaming, apps and iTunes TV/movie downloads, but what exactly has inspired Fortune 500 companies, often slow to integrate new technologies, to invest in the device so early on? The answer: It’s not just a reader or a consumer product at all. The iPad just might be the perfect tool for corporate sales executives.

Companies large and small are equipping their sales teams, specialists and marketers with iPads, and they’re spending money on good content to complement in-person presentations. It’s not your traditional powerpoint, either.  The iPad is inspiring higher quality video production and more interactive presentations.  Content producers (especially video producers) have a reason to be excited: the iPad is giving marketers a new, useful video platform that rewards production value.

Mercedes Benz is one of the iPad’s early business adopters, seeking to match their high-end vehicles with iPad presentations on the show room floors. They started by providing the iPads to 40 top sales people, and are now considering adding hundreds more. Think it’s overkill? Now they can tout their cars and their forward-thinking, tech-saavy approach to business. Check out the article and video

Mercedes isn’t the only taker- small businesses are doing it too. Excel Physical Therapy came to us to produce 30 short iPad-optimized therapy videos, providing therapists with a valuable tool in the field. It’s a great idea. In fact, we’re doing the same to show the Brolik video portfolio to potential clients. The 9.7” screen’s the right size to be professional, crisp and yet informal when you take it out casually.

What’s next? Other industries will be using iPads for input, analysis and information sharing, You might even see your local insurance broker or real estate agent using an iPad to show rates and coverages or new properties for sale.

Bottom line: I take back my indifferent first impression of the iPad. I think it’s a valuable tool for business, especially if you like to “wow” your customers with on-demand, high quality visuals.

More on big businesses using iPad: http://www.businessweek.com/technology/content/jul2010/tc2010076_193868.htm

Mercedez Benz on iPad: http://www.tipb.com/2010/05/26/mercedesbenz-financial-adapts-ipad-business/

Apple’s COO Tim Cook talks about the future of iPad and TV: http://www.businessinsider.com/live-apple-coo-tim-cook-at-the-goldman-tech-conference-2010-2

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