Bailey Graf

Marketing Strategist


As one of Brolik’s resident marketing strategists, Bailey works closely with our clients to achieve their marketing goals, handling the high-level strategic planning and overseeing the execution of that strategy. From day-to-day communication with clients, to managing organic and paid social media, to writing email and website content, Bailey can do it all — and frequently does.

In her day to day, Bailey especially appreciates opportunities to get creative and think outside the box (to use a cliché), whether that’s with experimenting with new tools and platforms to see how they can contribute to client growth, researching new innovative ways to tip the scales, or dreaming up that perfect social media strategy to catch the eyes of the audience. Truly a two-brained marketer, Bailey also loves whipping out her calculator and crunching the numbers at the end of each month to report on client progress — simply put, seeing her clients grow makes her happy. But even when she’s got her nose to the grindstone, her colleagues and clients can always count on a smile and a PMA (positive mental attitude) from Bailey.

Before joining the Brolik team, Bailey graduated from Salisbury University with a bachelor’s in Marketing and an emphasis on Sales. She then worked as a travel consultant and as a freelance marketing strategist in the tech industry. Working as a freelancer for companies without marketing departments helped her build her independence as a marketer, as she had no one to bounce ideas off of, so she had to step up and figure it all out on her own. Now that she’s got the resources and support of the Brolik team behind her, we think she’s probably unstoppable.

When she’s not helping Brolik’s clients find sustained growth, Bailey loves to travel to new places, go foraging for mushrooms in the Wiss, practice yoga, and relax with her cat Frankie — ideally with a good book in one hand and a strong coffee in the other. If you’re nice to her, maybe she’ll send you some freshly foraged mushrooms in the fall.

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