Kickstart your company’s growth with Brolik.

Web Design. Digital Marketing. Branding. Video.

If you are a small business ready to invest in growth and take things to the next stage, we have the solution.

Brolik provides long-term, forward-looking growth consulting and tactical digital marketing services to small business clients that are poised for growth. We find success when a client has a small internal marketing team and a need for a hands-on, proactive partner that can handle the full digital marketing scope from research to execution.

We're not just a marketing agency you bring in to support your marketing initiatives, though we can do that too. We’re a collaborative partner that will dive into your company and become part of your core team. We’ve worked with our most successful clients to define how they do business, crystallize their brand messaging, help them fundraise, empower their sales teams with better data and tools, and even support their recruiting and hiring efforts as they grow.

Bottom line is: we help our clients grow and then navigate the difficult challenges that come with that growth, so we’re all ready for the next step.

Does this sound like a typical marketing agency? We don't think so either.

Our Story

We launched Brolik in 2004 from a college apartment.

We worked outside of the classroom and found ourselves producing local TV commercials and designing websites for small businesses. We continued to build a portfolio and moved into an office in Philadelphia after graduating.

But why Brolik (brä lik)?

Brolik is a slang term for strength, and we used it back then to describe extraordinary things. We wanted to stand out in a sea of creative agencies, so when it came time to name our company, Brolik just made sense. We embraced our quirky name from that day on.

Over the next 10 years we developed into a full service digital agency. We support our clients with web design, digital marketing, branding and video production, guided by an overarching strategy.


Our Clients

We wouldn’t be where we are today without our clients. We’re lucky to have worked with some great companies of all shapes and sizes.

Since working with Brolik, RFG has consistently received more views on its website, received more customer calls, and most importantly has continually built its loan volume when measured quarterly.

Rehab Financial Group

Susan Naftulin

Rehab Financial Group, President

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