Jerry Cavill

Senior Designer


As a Senior Designer, Jerry works on both internal work for Brolik, as well as taking on large client projects as design lead. Since starting at Brolik, Jerry has also developed his skills as a front end developer, building wireframes for web projects.

Jerry is an avid rock climber, and he translates the lessons he’s learned climbing into his design work. Just like scaling a wall, he uses strategic planning, adaptability and creative problem solving skills to create designs that users can easily navigate. If a user interacts with his designs and leaves awe-inspired, he has accomplished his goal.

After graduating from Kutztown University with a degree in Communication Design, Jerry learned all about managing client expectations as a freelance designer. He also dabbled in licensing work, where he created everything from greeting cards and pencils to posters and tattoos. When Jerry isn’t designing, he enjoys creating animated GIFs of fellow Brolik employees, flipping pancakes and playing video games.

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