Kelsey Nagle

Marketing Strategist


As a marketing coordinator at Brolik, Kelsey ensures that all the important details are in place for our clients’ digital marketing campaigns. On a daily basis, she drafts and tests search and social ad campaigns, creates email and website content, and takes care of all the nitty gritty details for our clients’ SEO. Being a younger millennial, she’s especially adept at social media marketing, as she has grown up with it and understands it intuitively — and she’s pretty killer at writing copy, to boot!

Kelsey loves watching our clients’ businesses grow due to our efforts. Their growth reinforces that we are making a difference for our clients and motivates her to continue working hard because she can see her work paying off on a daily basis.

Before coming to Brolik, Kelsey was an account executive at The Public Relations and Marketing Group on Long Island, NY, where she had a deep education in organization and time management. She graduated from Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA, where she double majored in Media & Communications and Business, with a concentration in Marketing.

Outside of the office, Kelsey is an avid reader and chicken wing aficionado. While she’s more of a reader than a TV watcher, she does have a soft spot for NCIS and Marvel movies.

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