Kyle Jasso

Senior Developer


Kyle is the lead developer at Brolik, responsible for spearheading the web, mobile, and application development for Brolik’s projects. While working mostly behind the scenes, you can expect his footprint to be firmly imprinted in all of our website or application projects, as he decides which technologies and approaches will best accomplish our client’s goals.

Kyle is constantly learning and experimenting with new languages and techniques for developing online technologies, looking for the next big step for the industry. He is comfortable with several languages, including current HTML/CSS standards, JavaScript, Java and PHP, and implements them using a variety of frameworks and libraries like Bootstrap, jQuery, Angular JS, Node.js and many more.

Originally from the west coast, Kyle joined the Brolik team after graduating from La Salle University with a degree in Digital Art and Multimedia Design. While he misses the relaxed west coast vibes, he’s settled in nicely to the Philadelphia suburbs, where he spends his spare time saving the world in Dragon Age for the Xbox One. He is also the only Android user on the Brolik team, and he hears about it regularly.

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