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Sales Techniques: Closing Sales With The First Conversation

Written by Thursday October 9th 2014

No matter what you are selling, it’s important that certain information is collected and that the client leaves the first sales meeting feeling confident. You want them to feel that they are talking to the right person and that your company is both able and willing to support and guide them through the process.

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WordPress is Not for Developers

Written by Tuesday June 4th 2013

Picking out WordPress as a CMS for a company website is like buying a pre-built house with a nice shed in the back because you like the shed, then tearing down the house’s walls and building new ones with the pieces of the shed.

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Good Design Sells

Written by Tuesday June 12th 2012

There is no doubt that a well designed world is a better world to live in. Our daily interactions are all made more enjoyable by the appeal of the aesthetic surrounding them. If aesthetic is so alluring, why shouldn't this be considered a crucial component to the success of a business?

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Brolik Value Proposition, Round 2

Written by Tuesday November 2nd 2010

I recently met a newcomer to Philadelphia at a Chamber of Commerce orientation who is positioning himself as a sales trainer that can help clients leverage social media brand strategies to increase referrals and sales. Not only is he providing an updated twist on the generic "sales coach" profession by consulting clients on a developing marketing tool that folks seem to struggle with, he realizes the importance of making sure a captive audience understands his value proposition.

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