Junto Metro Mule

Junto, a Philadelphia-Based Ebike Company, Passes 200% on Indiegogo

By Thursday August 29th, 2019

Junto surpasses 200% of their initial crowdfunding goal of $60,000. Placing them at over $130,000 raised, with days still remaining in the campaign.

With a few days remaining in their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, Junto surpasses 200% of their initial goal of $60,000, placing them at a solid $130,000+ raised. This campaign features Junto’s new ebike, the MetroMule a lightweight, versatile cargo ebike. The MetroMule features three storage compartments and is designed specifically for the eco-conscious urban rider.

“It’s beyond exciting to see the support for our campaign so far,” says Brian Powell, Owner and Founder of Junto. “It’s always nerve-wracking to launch something new, so when we hit our goal within two weeks, it was a great confirmation that people believe in and want our new MetroMule.”

Junto’s initial crowdfunding goal was $60,000, which was reached in just 13 days of the campaign launching.

“Brolik has been a great partner, not just with the success of this crowdfunding campaign, but in their efforts to develop our brand and execute a solid marketing plan over the past 18 months,” Powell continues. “We are excited to see what we can do over the next 18 months.”

As Junto’s digital marketing agency, Brolik helped with the launch and management of the campaign, from planning and designing the Indiegogo page to developing a marketing campaign that included video content, social ads and emails.

“Combine an effective social advertising effort with a quality product that is priced well, and the results speak for themselves” Bryce Liggins, Director of Marketing Strategy at Brolik, says. “Our social ads have already brought in over $45,000 in Indiegogo ‘backings’ so far. I’m excited to see how much more progress we can make with the two weeks we still have left in the campaign.”

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