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Examples of Innovation In Design

Written by Wednesday April 30th 2014

The design industry is highly saturated these days, thus increasing the level of quality necessary to be truly innovative. I've compiled some noteworthy work from various mediums of design to highlight the innovation that still exists in such a crowded market.

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Time to Tune Out iTunes. is Here.

Written by Wednesday August 31st 2011 is the newest social networking site you’ve probably never heard of. The concept is simple: play music for you and your friends for free. Like Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare, Turntable has that "it" factor that will allow it to succeed as a company, a music player, and a social network.

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Death of a Record Shop

Written by Wednesday July 16th 2008

The record stores all over Philadelphia are shutting down. Many of the places I used to spend hours sifting through music just can’t make it anymore; the Internet is quickly making sure of that. With the growing popularity of online... View Article

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Written by Tuesday February 12th 2008

I’ve noticed a trend in 75% of the musicians and bands I’ve talked to regarding their ideas behind the recording process. I guess there’s no “proper” technique or overarching superlative that will apply across the spectrum of different bands, sounds,... View Article

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Brolik Whitenoise

Written by Tuesday January 22nd 2008

Check out what David Byrne of the Talking Heads has to say about the effects of the digital revolution on our current Music Industry model.

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