Duke and Winston x Brolik Innovate or Die Collab

Innovate or Die T-Shirt Collaboration

By Wednesday July 16th, 2014

Brolik and Duke & Winston worked together to create a shirt that expresses the creative, do-or-die mentality that represents the two companies and many other emerging companies in Philly.


Brolik and Duke & Winston, a local retail clothing brand, worked together to come up with the “Innovate or Die” concept to express the bootstrapping, creative, do-or-die mentality that represents the two companies and many other emerging companies in Philly.


The Story Behind The Shirt

The collaboration started last year when Jason Brewer, CEO of Brolik approached Seun Olubodun, CEO of Duke & Winston, with an idea to feature startup companies in Philly through a series of shirts.

Over time the collaboration focused more on the attitude and grit of early stage companies, culminating in the Innovate or Die theme.

The two companies went through a list of over 100 one-liners, ultimately deciding on the Innovate or Die theme as the best choice.

“The Innovate or Die message is one that can speak to any entrepreneur in this city. It certainly speaks to Duke & Winston and Brolik– both companies have built their foundations here.”

Seun Olubodun, Duke & Winston

The t-shirt is a true collaboration, with Brolik using their talents to come up with the concept and design, and Olubodun working alongside Brolik’s creative team to ensure the design would be successful as a t-shirt.

Hannah Volz, designer at Brolik, took the lead on the design and the two companies went through a two month period of presentation and revision rounds.

sketchbook-1_o sketchbook-2_o tee-previews_o

“From start to finish this project has been fun for us to work on. The shirt represents the story and spirit of many entrepreneurs in our city. We’ve been through the grind to get where we are and we’re proud of it.”

Jason Brewer, Brolik

Based on successful early sales of the shirt, Brolik and Duke & Winston are already discussing the possibility of turning the Innovate or Die shirt into a series under the same theme.

The t-shirts retail for $32 and are available to purchase in stores or buy online here.

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