Cheng Crowns

The Original Brand in Pediatric Crowns Gets an Update

Cheng Crowns was launched in 1987 to provide pediatric dentists with an aesthetic alternative to the unsightly stainless steel pediatric crowns that dominated the market at the time. Cheng Crowns cornered the market and experienced consistent growth for 25 years.

In 2013, competitors began to enter the aesthetic pediatric crown space with huge financial backing and aggressive marketing. Having the best product was no longer enough to maintain dominant market share.

The Cheng family realized they would have to start investing in their brand, website and marketing to stay competitive.

With a similar dedication to quality and customer service, Cheng Crowns viewed Brolik as a great fit for a digital marketing partner, and they engaged us in 2013.


A new age for Cheng Crowns began with a refreshed logo. The Chengs had grown accustomed to their existing brand, but the logo and web presence were outdated and didn’t reflect how Cheng Crowns wanted to position themselves.

Old Logo

Cheng Crowns logo

Cheng Crowns Logo Brainstorm


The Branding Process

After an initial brainstorming session, we developed a number of logo concepts. We wanted to pay homage to the old Cheng Crowns logo by incorporating the double C’s. We also wanted to explore integrating tooth and crown imagery in a clever way.

Design Round A

Cheng Crowns Design A

Design Round B

The client liked the layout and mark in the first option from Design A, but they also liked the two C’s that form a tooth shape in the second option.

Cheng Crowns Design B

“Brolik's approach is focused squarely on the needs of the client, and it shows.”

Peter Cheng
President of Cheng Crowns

Cheng Crown's New Logo


For the final logo, we simplified the shape of the tooth and chose a clean blue/gray color scheme to inspire feelings of trust, honesty, and loyalty. Using the color shift in the typography and the mark also allowed us to hint at the hidden imagery within the tooth. The result is a clean, polished logo that is contemporary yet professional.

Cheng Crowns Collateral

With a new brand and updated collateral, Cheng Crowns immediately made a bigger impact at trade shows and a stronger impression on new customers. While the new style is professional and clean for its dentist customers, the brand and imagery have a friendliness and energy that children can relate to as well.

Cheng Crown's Responsive Website

Web Design

Next, we set our sights on a website redesign. The site would be responsive and visually pleasing, but that was a given. The challenge was creating an ecommerce experience that made ordering crowns easier for dentists without overwhelming the Cheng Crowns fulfillment team.

Visit the Website


The Cheng Crowns Homepage

Cheng Crowns Homepage

The Goal

We had two main goals for the new Cheng Crowns website.

  1. Position Cheng Crowns as an established industry leader.
  2. Allow users to easily purchase Cheng Crowns.

The first goal went hand in hand with the rebrand. We focused on the Cheng’s 25 year history within the industry, and we blended clean visuals and typography with strong, concise copy.

Cheng Crowns 25 Years

The second goal was to make product ordering as efficient as possible. By ordering the products in a clean vertical layout with a sticky cart, dentists can quickly select and purchase exactly the specialized products they need.

Cheng Crowns Order Page

The new website paid off immediately with increased revenue and decreased administrative hassle. Faxes and calls were replaced with online orders, freeing up time for Cheng’s small staff.

“At every step in their process, the Brolik team actively engaged us in discussion and listened to our needs, with the goal of producing the best possible results.”

Peter Cheng
President of Cheng Crowns

Digital Marketing

Shortly following the website launch in 2013, Cheng Crowns introduced a new zirconia crown offering, further raising the bar in aesthetics and durability. But there was a problem. For many dentists, zirconia was uncharted territory. Cheng Crowns would need to educate dentists about the benefits of zirconia before expecting them to buy in.

Brolik analyzed the addressable target market of pediatric dentists and developed a digital marketing plan to reach them.

Goal 1: Be a Resource For Pediatric Dentists

A major digital marketing initiative was the Pediatric Crown Academy, an informative content hub that would educate pediatric dentists on the many pediatric crown options on the market. We had evidence that dentists find a crown brand and tend to stick with it, so Brolik focused on dental students as well, positioning Cheng Crowns as the best option in the critical years before entering the field.

Cheng Crowns Classic vs Zirconia Page

Launch Calendar


Cheng Crowns Launch Calendar

Goal 2: Create Content That Dentists Will Share

Creating findable resources was one thing, but creating shareable content was not as easy. We had to tap into the psyche of dentists and dental office administrators to plan and create content that would be shared and engaged with.

Facebook’s ad platform wouldn’t allow targeting of pediatric dentists specifically, so we used our research to pinpoint graduates of the top pediatric dentistry schools. We used this contextual targeting approach to focus in on a 9,000-person pool and started our brand awareness push.

The “Cavity Crushers” and “Did You Know” series proved successful, as hundreds of dentists and dental students began following and interacting with Cheng Crowns on Facebook.

Cheng Crowns Cavity Crushers Social Asset
Cheng Crowns Cavity Crushers Social Asset
Cheng Crowns Did You Know Social Asset
Cheng Crowns Did You Know Social Asset

Goal 3: Be The Authority on Zirconia Crowns

Brolik also added useful content about zirconia crowns, which educated potential customers while bringing them closer to the Cheng Crowns brand.

Cheng Crowns Zirconia Crowns Banner

Goal 4: Get Zirconia Crowns In The Right Hands

Understanding that getting the Cheng Crowns Zirconia product in dentists’ hands was a major hurdle, we helped design and produce a sample kit and started marketing the kit to the target audience.

The new zirconia content started gaining traction, and a wave of sample kit inquiries came in. It was more than the Chengs could keep up with at first.

Cheng Crowns Digital Strategy Dashboard

Brolik tapped its development team to create a leads dashboard tool so Cheng Crowns would be able to manage and rank the flurry of incoming sample kit requests.

Video Production

To further educate the pediatric dentist community and specifically dental students, Brolik planned and produced a series of videos that highlighted best practices for using pediatric crowns, featuring dentists from one of Cheng Crown’s long-time customers, Doc Bresler’s Cavity Busters.

Click to Play


(After the first year)

500,000+ brand impressions

107% increase in visits

Website visitors came from 2,293 US cities vs. 915 the previous year

Online revenue grew 225% in less than a year.

Cheng Crowns Online Revenue

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