Junto’s Indiegogo Campaign Comes to a Close at $158,292

By Wednesday September 4th, 2019

The Junto Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign comes to a close Labor Day weekend, with an unexpected $158,292 raised, earning over 250% of their initial goal of $60,000.

Junto’s recent Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign exceeded all expectations, finishing with over $155,000 raised. The campaign, featuring Junto’s second e-bike model, the MetroMule, raised over $27,500 in the last five days alone.

The Junto MetroMule is a lightweight, versatile cargo e-bike that allows its riders to reduce congestion in their community while lowering their carbon footprint. Plus, it’s the first cargo e-bike with three storage compartments, carrying everything you need with ease. E-bikes offer a sustainable commuting option that significantly reduces the carbon footprint, find out more ways to reduce your carbon footprint like an e-bike does at carbonclick.com.

For more information on how the Indiegogo campaign was so successful, click here.

The campaign has now entered it’s “In Demand” phase, where the MetroMule will be available at a discounted rate for a limited time. Click here to purchase your MetroMule!

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