MLS Players Association Launches New Brand

The MLS Players Association, formerly known as the MLS Players Union, has completed a rebranding effort that includes a new tagline, updated logo and new brand messaging in addition to the name change. Brolik partnered with the MLSPA to reimagine their brand.

The MLSPA Rebrand Video

The video features the voices of the MLSPA staff, board members of the organization and members of the Brolik team. It provides an insight into the new brand and into the strength and commitment of the organization it was designed to represent.

PU to PA

As part of the rebrand, the MLSPU shifted to MLSPA. The change from Players Union to Players Association does not signify a change in the core mission of the organization. Rather, it is a move that reflects a broadening of scope and a recommitment of the membership to the mission.

“The name change is a move to more closely align our organization with the other player associations and an opportunity to signal the period of growth we are experiencing.”

Bob Foose
Executive Director of the MLSPA

The Branding Process

The new logo was designed in an effort to pay homage to the past while moving the Players Association into the future. The central element, carried over from the previous logo, is the interlocking arms of the players, demonstrating the unity and brotherhood that is vital to the organization's success.

Old Logo

MLSPU Former Logo

“It was important that the update of the logo was treated as an evolution rather than a stark change. We wanted it to be clear that the organization is growing and expanding our capabilities and strength while at the same time affirming our commitment to the central mission we have had from day one.”

Nic Darling
Director of Digital Strategy

Brolik began this process with a deep dive into the organization, interviewing key staff including players of the MLS. This was followed by an audit of other major players associations, reviewing their brands, messaging and marketing presences to form a clear picture of where the MLSPA fit into the landscape.

We approach the branding process as a large funnel: starting with a wide breadth of design directions, allowing for iteration, critique, and refining. The first design round was spent exploring a few key directions, including a modern and minimalist translation of the existing brand, a player focused direction, a straightforward refresh of the existing brand, and an abstract representation of the union.


MLSPA Logo Designs A

It was clear that the minimalist translation of the existing brand was the best fit into the aesthetics of the sport and culture. The minimalist crest was modern and classy, and continued to exemplify the concepts of unity and solidarity that is so important to the MLSPA organization.


MLSPA Logo Designs B

With a strong direction chosen for the second design round, the focus was refining the details. We explored every aspect of the final mark, examining the shape of the crest, color, and line-weight amongst several other visual details resulting in hundreds of different variations of the final output.

MLSPA Logo Variations

The final brand is rooted in the past while positioning the MLSPA for a bright future. In the updated mark, the original concept is transformed into a more modern and minimalist design that retains the core meaning and nods to the game of soccer.


MLSPA Full Final Logo


MLSPA Final Logo Badge

MLSPA Merchandise Mock-ups
MLSPA Brand Guide

“At the end of the day, even though we've rebranded nothing has changed. Our mission is clear.”

Luis Robles
MLSPA Executive Board Member

Brand Positioning and Messaging

The research phase helped Brolik form a clear understanding of what the MLSPA stood for, and what they needed to communicate to their audience. We distilled the key reasons for the association's existence into three clear ideas.

MLSPA Unifying The Players

Unifying the Players

We support and protect the player community, encouraging mentorship and togetherness that crosses the boundaries of different cultures and teams.

MLSPA Amplifying Influence

Amplifying Influence

We amplify the voice of the players by encouraging cooperation and coordinating efforts within the player community.

MLSPA Building A Legacy

Building a Legacy

We strive to be the catalyst for positive change in the lives of past, current and future players, both on and off the field.

While this helped to form a strong background to the organizations messaging architecture, the most important goal of brand and marketing communication is to simplify the message as much as possible, so we needed to take it a step farther towards the core of what the MLSPA really is.

MLSPA Voice of the Players

Brolik developed a full messaging framework around these ideas, helping the organization to simply and consistently communicate to their audience the most important aspects of their purpose and mission.

“We see a brand as a whole lot more than just a color scheme and a logo. We start with the messaging pillars. We think about how the brand communicates at every touch point.”

Matt Sommer
Chief Strategy Officer at Brolik

MLSPA Devices Preview

Chapter 2: The Website

Following the rebrand, Brolik started the process of designing a new website for the MLSPA. Along with an overall visual refresh, there were a few specific objectives outlined during the planning process.

Visit the Website

Goal 1Present the new brand aesthetic, positioning and messaging

Goal 2Build the foundation for a scalable news section

The MLSPA's best asset is their access to the players and therefore we wanted to create a robust news section to feature their player focused content.

MLSPA News Section

Goal 3Develop a resource section and interactive salary guide

MLSPA News Section

“Brolik has proven to be consistently insightful, reliable and flexible. Their passion for what they do has been evident at each stage of our work together, and I look forward to the start of our next project.”

Nic Darling
Directory of Digital Strategy

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