Analytics Simplified.

These days, everyone is talking about data. We love data, but with so much of it available from so many different places, it can be hard to see through the noise to find actionable information. We believe analytics tools shouldn’t require a data scientist to use.

That’s why we create a custom reporting dashboard for each client.

Digital Strategy Dashboard on a Desktop

Customized For You

We create a custom dashboard view for your business that focuses on the key performance metrics related to your goals. You won’t need to wade through pages of data to find what’s important, because we’ve done the organizing for you.

A Central Location

It’s a pain to jump from Facebook to AdWords to Google Analytics to Twitter. We bring everything together, making it easy to compare the cost-per-click of your search ads with your social ads, display ads or paid directory placements.



A Guided Tour

Data is at the core of our campaigns and decision-making, and we think it’s crucial that our clients understand why we are making those decisions. That’s why all of our digital marketing clients have 24/7 access to marketing analytics through a custom analytics dashboard. This dashboard gives a simplified, high level overview of our marketing initiatives compared with historical performance data, and it doesn't require an advanced knowledge of analytics to use.

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